Advance Mobile Repairing Course


Advance Mobile Repairing Course

Hi-Tech Institute of Advance Technology offer 1 month advance mobile repairing course in India. Through this course, students can easily learn how to repair smart phones including blackberry, Samsung android, and i-phones. We have more than 12 years of experience as the leading ISO certified mobile phone repairing institute. All our faculty members are highly qualified & dedicated for providing the best training in advance mobile technology.

Advance Mobile Phone Hardware Repairing

  1. Introduction About Smart Phones
  2. Describe About Mobile Operating System of I-Phone, Blackberry, Samsung Android Phone
  3. Features of Smart Phones
  4. Identify of I-Phones
  5. Identification of Components
  6. Block Diagram
  7. Fault & Finding
  8. Difference Between I-Phone 3G & 3GS and I-Phone 4 & 4S
  9. GPRS System & Wi-Fi System
  10. Assembling & Disassembling of Smart Phone
  11. What is the difference between in repairing point of view smart phones & others mobile phones ?
  12. Smart Phones H/W Trouble Shooting with Circuit Chart

We focus equally on theory and practical training of the students. Our labs are fully-equipped with IRDA SMD machines, hot air gun, DC power supply, etc. These tools and equipment are used in diagnosis or fault finding and repairing the phone. We also offer free gifts worth of Rs.2500 to the enrolled students. So, don’t wait and call us at +91-9212-577-577 to join this course today !