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Printer Repairing Course


Printers are useful and are very important to the individual and for the business person. Without printer it’s impossible to print any information, images, application forms, bank details or any other information which we need. Printer is compulsory for those who use laptop, desktop computer in office, home or other places and need an instant copy of information.

Course Highlights

  1. D.M.P (Dot Matrix Printer)
  2. Color Printer
  3. Deskjet
  4. Inkjet
  5. Bubble Jet
  6. PSC(Printer Scanner, Copier)
  7. Laser Printer MFP(Multifunction Printer)
  8. Introduction of Printers
  9. Basic Principle
  10. Parts of D.M.P, Color Printer, Laser Printers
  11. D.M.P troubleshooting
  12. Color Printer troubleshooting
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