Mobile Repairing Course


Laptop Advance Course Training Delhi

Course Highlights

Basic Electronics
Project on Basic Electronics
SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply)
(a) Block Diagram of SMPS
(b) Tracing through circuit diagram (each section).
(c) Fault finding with your own hands under the supervision of experienced staff.
(d) Practice on SMPS.

Laptop Card Level & Laptop Chip
(a) Knowledge about laptop opening and closing.
(b) Knowledge of different parts of a laptop.
Adapter Repairing with Block Diagram.
Battery Repairing with Block Diagram.
DVD Writer Head Alignment & Repairing.
Keyboard Repairing.
Screen LCD/LED repairing upto Chip Level.
FL unit repairing and uses of alternative (UFL).
Touchpad Fault Finding and Repairing / Replacing.
HDD repairing and Fault Finding.
Laptop Motherboard Block Diagram.
Laptop Motherboard Tracing in Circuit.
Laptop Motherboard Fault Finding through Debug Card, Oscilloscope and Multimeter.
Practice on Laptop Motherboard.