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Laptop Chip level Repairing Course Hindi

Join Hitech Laptop Chip level Repairing Training Course in Hindi, people are prepared about the different tools used in the Chip level maintenance and repair of different devices. All persons related to electronics or non-electronic background can make their profession in Laptop Repair. Essentially no technical background required to select Chip level Laptop Repairing Course in Delhi.

Benefits of Chip level Laptop Repairing Course

  • Basic understanding of micro components and electronics
  • Learn basic fundamentals of laptops
  • Know the working of desktops, notebooks and laptop
  • Ability to operate the power management of laptop
  • Know the working process of power adaptors and batteries

Need of Laptop Chip level Repair Training in Delhi

After the course you will become well qualified engineer who deduct problems with computers, chips and able to deal with to be used by an individual laptop, mobile or any other electronics devices. After the course, one can easily identify and appropriate tools and fix problems raised by the use of machines.

Skills Covered in Laptop Chip level Repair Course

  1. Determining the values required for SMD Components like transistors, diodes, MOSFET etc.
  2. Techniques requirement for assembling and disassembling different laptops with video guidance.
  3. Procedure to use Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO) and multi tester for the recognition of chips.
  4. Learn the repairing process of all human interface devices like touchpad’s, keyboards, trackballs etc.
  5. Learn identification of all chips and crystals on the motherboard.

Who can do Chip level Repair course?

Laptop Chip level Repairing Courses is a 90 Days. Any person who wants to work with chips and they’re repairing they can start this training. No technical background necessary to start this course.

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