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Hi-Tech Mobile Repairing Course is best for the beginners, who want to learn about the mobile technology from the basic level. Students are given chip level training like understanding the basic structure of mobiles, phone assembling, and dissembling, overview of the electronic components, etc in this course. We have certified trainers and experienced faculty for training the students in fixing common blackberry, Android, and other handsets problems.

Hi-Tech Mobile Technology Course

  1. History of Mobile Phone
  2. GSM & CDMA Structure & Generation of mobile phone
  3. Frequency & Channels
  4. GPRS, Bluetooth, Infrared
  5. Wi-Fi, SIM, & IMEI
  6. Mobile Phone Assembly & Disassembly
  7. Electronic Components Overview
  8. Chip Level Soldering & De-soldering

Join a mobile repairing training institute. Well-experienced trainers, learn mobile repairing course within 90 days. Find the Best Institute in Mobile Repairing Course in Delhi.

Course Overview

Have you ever thought why mobile repair industry is growing so fast? Why are mobile users increasing day by day? There is one reason and that is due to the revolution of the new era in modernity.

According to a recent study by some organizations, the mobile phone industry is the most increasing industry. A transformation can be seen in the past years.

When students are struggling to find a job other side mobile repair specialists are being in high demand. That is the reason now students are being more concerned with mobile repairing course. 

90 Days Certification program in Smartphone/Mobile Phone

  • Covering Topics from Basics to Advanced level
  • Learn using latest Repairing Tools
  • Learn Advanced soldering techniques
  • Learn How to install proximity sensors
  • Learn How to operate Hot air gun machine
  • Learn Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques
  • Interview preparation for job Aspirants
  • Expert Tips to start your own Service Center

Become A Certified Mobile Repair Expert

By joining a course in mobile repair field you will be received a certificate that will certify you a certified mobile repair expert. After getting knowledge and certificate you can work anywhere with good salary package.

The reasons why you should join a course in Mobile Repairing

Kick-start working with the big sector

As per a recent study, more than 10 Crore mobile users are being a part of mobile phones every year. Now you can imagine how big the Industry is.

There are so many ways to start your career whether you can join a full-time organization or part-time organization and also you can start your business.

Better Business Opportunities

The way demand of expert mobile phone repairing experts are increasing in India; you can start your own business after investing little investment.

It can be started from your home or any shop. Initially, you can start by yourself but after a couple of months, you might need some supporting staff that is the indication of growth in this industry.

Mobile Repairing Training Institute In Delhi- Syllabus

  • Basic Mobile Phone & Chip level Course training
  • History of Mobile Phones
  • Know about GSM & CDMA Mobile Phone Structure
  • Know about frequency & channels
  • Chip Level Soldering & de-soldering
  • Overview of Electronic Components
  • Solving Wi-Fi, SIM & IMEI numbers Problems.
  • Introduction to GPRS, Bluetooth & infrared
  • Flashing, Formatting, backup and restore

Mobile Phone Complete Repair Training

  • Introduction to All parts of computer/ computer operating
  • Driver Installation
  • Mobile repairing software repairing with coding
  • Special training for Unlocking Blackberry & Android Mobile

Mobile Phone Basic Electronics & Complete Hardware Repairing

  • A complete introduction to electronics
  • Know about charge/voltage/ types of current
  • All electronics components identification, how to test and their working
  • Basic tips for mobile phone hardware repairing
  • Circuit Diagram Reading
  • GSM/ CDMA troubleshooting
  • Practically handset repairing
  • Important tips for service center
  • Chinese mobile phone troubleshooting
  • Introduction to 4g technology
  • Windows phone technology

Advance Mobile Repairing Course - Syllabus

  • Advance Mobile Hardware Repairing
  • Introduction to Mobile Smartphone’s
  • Mobile Operating system description
  • Introduction to Blackberry technologies
  • Introduction to I phone Technologies
  • Introduction to Windows Phone
  • Fault & Finding
  • GPRS & Wi-Fi System
  • Assembling & de-assembling of Mobile Phone

Some Of The Common Benefits of Mobile Repairing Course:

Let’s figure out some benefits of the mobile repair training program. Some of the general benefits include:

  • Excellent career opportunities,
  • Higher salary package,
  • Acquiring a good knowledge of hardware,
  • Receiving command over assembling and disassembling,
  • Understanding the concept of bridges.

Advantages of Mobile Repairing Course

 With this profession, you can use your time effectively

To work with mobile repair industry, you can use your time effectively. After completing a 90 days course will give you multiple ways to make money.

The most important part is that mobile repairing training gives the same better opportunity to kick-start your career once you finish the study.

Mobile repair course is the most Job–Oriented course

In this profession, there is a huge opportunity to work as a full-time professional. Mobile repair course is the job-oriented course that makes you high demanded expert.

You can see a huge crowd at the mobile phone stores and local repair shops, it shows how mobile repair experts are in high demand.   

Start a Mobile repair business with Less money

Most of the people have a dream to start its business but due to lack of money, there are only a few people who could do. Now mobile repairing course offers an opportunity to start your own business with a nominal investment where you earn 50 thousand to 1 lac monthly.

Earning Opportunities that Never Ends!

Money is very important in all aspects; there are so many courses that have less earning opportunities but mobile repair industry offers best chance to earn more than lac monthly.

With mobile courses, the earning opportunity never gets an end. Think about how millions of mobile users and many of them look good mobile repair specialist.

Students who enroll and complete their mobile repairing course they can earn by joining any well-reputed private or authorized service centers.

Steps To A Get a Good Job For 8th or 10th or 12th Pass Students

  • Apply for mobile repairing course.
  • Join the course and learn promptly.
  • Discuss your doubts with your trainers.
  • Give more attention to practical and theory.
  • Memorize each topic on regular basis.
  • Get prepared with interview questions and answers.
  • Apply for the job with the help of the placement team.
  • After 5 to 6 months, your salary package would be increased

Being the premier Mobile Phone Repairing Institute, we provide all-in-one facilities for the practical training of the students. Our mobile repair training center is well-equipped with modern tools and machines like SMD, hot air gun and much more. If you want to know more about HMT (Hi-Tech Mobile Technology) course then call us at  9212-577-577.